Going by the (Road Rule) Book

[Forum] Last week there was an article about the relocation of the traffic lights on Brisbane Water Dve to the intersection adjacent to Fagans Park.

While that relocation is an improvement to traffic flow, the widening of the roadway without the proper (and required per NSW Road Way Marking rules) lane control marking is confusing.

Suddenly the roadway becomes two lanes for a short distance then the second lane disappears without any indication which lane has the right of way.

Per the rules, the curb lane should be marked to give way by the extension of the dashed lane marker into the curb as is done elsewhere.

Vehicles crossing dashed lines are required to give way to those vehicles not crossing dashed lines.

The NSW Road Rule Book also seems quite clear as what is proper and required when “Going straight ahead (at a roundabout): Do not signal when approaching the roundabout but always signal left before exiting a roundabout.

“You may approach the roundabout from either left or right lanes (unless there are road markings with other instructions), drive in the same lane through the roundabout and exit in the same lane.”

Yet, I note that 99 per cent of drivers confusingly and incorrectly signal a right turn when they are in fact proceeding straight ahead (so much for road rules).

Almost daily Coasties see another road/rail/bus/bicycle project for Sydney in the news but the two hour traffic bottleneck every morning on Brisbane Water Dve at Point Clare goes unresolved.

With the continuing development of the Coast an additional route to access Sydney is needed.

At one time that was apparently part of the M1 project as the partial junction at the Mt White interchange indicates.

A link between Mt White and Woy Woy would save a commuter more than an hour a day, not to mention other related costs.

An increasing population requires increased accessibility, that’s pretty simple.

Email, Jun 23
T Bard, Tascott

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