Follow the sign

What risk does using an elevator present?

Seen on a sign next to the lift in a shopping centre: “Passengers must maintain a limit.”

Assuming that this refers to the number on board (as opposed to, say, their body weight, or perhaps shopping bags), would that be one, five, ten?

Or are we supposed to use mental arithmetic and estimate the car’s floor area, then divide it by the area of a circle of 1.5 metres radius (about seven square metres) in order to gauge the number of passengers allowed inside?

I don’t want to embarrass the (busy) shopping centre concerned by naming them, but by my reckoning there wouldn’t be more than about two people allowed aboard at any one time.

Average time inside lift?

No more than a minute.

Chances of catching the Dreaded Lurgy?

Vanishingly small.

This looks like a simple case of “Management CYA” i.e. devolve the distancing responsibility to the public and then point to the warning sign.

Email, Jun 12
Dave Horsfall, North Gosford

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