Exhaust all public transport and current parking options

A commuter's dream car parkA commuter's dream car park

[Forum] Peninsula News (1 June 2020) highlighted both the possibility of a new multi-level commuter carpark near Woy Woy station and parking meters in response to existing and proposed population pressures.

Before Council undertakes further commuter car parking implementation, it would be advisable to first exhaust all public transport and current parking options.

More bus services, more subsidised on-demand public transport services, more free bicycle bike shed and more bicycle paths, as well as the possibility of increased supply for all-day commuter car parking at Deepwater Plaza parking station, should all be undertaken as first measures.

Parking meters are a negative initiative for consumers and retailers as consumers are conscious of time limits and tend to avoid parking meters if possible.

The proposition of a possible 6000 more dwellings under a high density local strategic plan would be unsupported, given the infrastructure capacity of the Peninsula.

Four or more storey blocks of apartments as defined as high density would adversely transform the distinctive and attractive local character of Woy Woy.

Email, 9 June 2020
Suraya Coorey, Woy Woy