Dye-ing for a new look?

Lainee Parada and Gary Berman have entered one very colourful partnership

Bensville 10-year-old, Lainee Parada, is laying the groundwork for an early career in the fashion industry after teaming up with the Coast’s homegrown streetwear brand, drøm to launch a new clothing line.

Drøm Owner, Gary Berman, said the entrepreneurial primary schooler sought him out after she learned drøm was looking for a tie dye expert to create a new line of t-shirts for the brand.

After dropping into the drøm flagship store at Woy Woy and modelling some of her creations, Berman was impressed by Parada’s skills and moxie and signed her up for the project.

“drøm, means dream in Danish, and is based around our philosophy of living and following your dreams” Berman explained.

“To this end we have sponsored many young locals including scooter riders, surfers, musicians, dance crews and football team, so we are delighted that we can assist Lainee with her fashion dreams,” he added.

Parada is now eagerly awaiting the launch of the collaborative line, with the range of colourful creations to hit the shelves at drøm very soon.

The rambunctious creator has also launched a new Instagram page, Coloured Lane, where she’ll be chronicling her fashion journey into the world of tie dye.

Press release, Jun 15
Gary Berman, drøm