Dry(ish) July now also an option

The Dry July team are celebrating an $80,000 boost to the 2018 Dry July campaignThe Dry July team are celebrating an $80,000 boost to the 2018 Dry July campaign

The Central Coast Local Health District is again gearing up to support the Dry July campaign.

Dry July raises funds for people affected by cancer by encouraging participants to go alcohol-free in July, with anyone able to put down the bottle to fundraise for a cancer services provider of their choice.

For the past eight years, the District’s CoastCanCare (CCC) wellness program team has been one such beneficiary, with locals raising thousands of dollars to support their work in providing support, care and assistance to hundreds of adult cancer patients based on the Central Coast.

Over the years, funds raised for CCC through Dry July have been put towards helping patients, their families and carers cope with a cancer diagnosis through access to free wellbeing programs, education and support like art therapy, unique activities like drumming, legal and financial workshops and self-care sessions.

With Dry July 2020 poised to kick off, the District is calling on locals planning on taking part to consider nominating CCC as their beneficiary.

It’s never been easier to take part in your first Dry July, with Dry(ish) July now also an option.

The new version of the campaign acknowledges that giving up alcohol completely, even if just for a month, can be a tall order for some, so Dry(ish) July allows participants to set their own timeframe for sobriety.

For more information, including benefactors and beneficiaries, visit the Dry July website.

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Reporter: Dilon Luke