Dry July, is it a test for Cancers and Leo’s

Dry July a challenge.

[Forum] So, what is it with Dry July, is it a test for Cancers and Leo’s?

Don’t they think that we can do this in our birthday month?

I know it was put in July because of Leo’s strength and how good homemakers Cancers are.

Strength at home.

That’s it no more closet drinking.

Oh my, what could they be implying?

Could it be the only month of the year to quieten Leo’s down is by restraining their drinking and shrinking their social activities to give the other zodiacs a month off their gregarious zest for more?

I know this is all about me.

Mother told me I shouldn’t have so much pride in my drinking.

Cancers just lock the door, you’ll be fine.

I know, let’s have a zodiac survey next year and see which zodiac sign has the most restraint.

Or could it be Dry in July because of the end of financial year?

We have a backlog of bills and need to wait for our tax return to catch up.

By having Dry July we don’t have to expose our temporary financial devastation.

We have a distraction.

A wholesome group activity that we can be proud of.

So why Dry July?

A wee winter nip is warm and comforting.

Procreation, that’s it.

Nine months down the track are there too many Pisces and Aries?

Is this an attack on Pisces and Aries natures?

Is the world becoming too head strong and unrealistically romantic?

Those fish that chase their tale living in endless hope.

Dry July encourages them to break the cycle and take look around.

Aries, well, can’t say anything wrong about them.

They can do anything, just ask them.

But too many of them could upset the balance of peace.

So, could this be an attempt of by being dry in July year after year we would have world peace?

That’s it we have Dry July for world peace.

Email, Jun 3
Janice Rutherford, Tascott