Council loses benefit of $2.7M from development application fees

The State Government has picked up $2.7M this financial year from development application fees that Central Coast Council would have received in the past.

The fees were for State Significant projects that are now being decided upon by planning panels put in place by the State Government.

Deputy Mayor, Cr Jane Smith, asked if the $2.7M was in total for the year, but was told that it was only year to date, so that figure could increase by the end of financial year, Cr Smith said.

She asked council to provide a written report on how councillors will be able to represent the community interest in planning matters.

This comes after councillors lost all control of decision making for Development Applications when they had to constitute a Local Planning Panel on April 27, as directed by the State Department of Planning.

Small applications that don’t go to the panel will be decided by council staff through delegated authority.

Larger planning decisions were already taken out of council’s hands through a regional planning panel and an Independent Planning Commission, and by the Minister himself or through delegation.

Cr Smith asked that councillors also be kept informed on all development applications that are subject to community advertising.

Meeting, May 25
Agenda Item 2.2 and 3.3
Central Coast Council