Call for our own Central Coast University

LibraryNew University of Newcastle library at Ourimbah

[Forum] I am alarmed at the apparent agreement between the big parties, Labor and Liberal, that the Central Coast wants a University of Newcastle extension here, on the Central Coast.

The Coast needs to play the child to Newcastle like it needs a hole in the head!

The Central Coast needs its OWN University … one which unashamedly produces endless data, action-research, and policy reviews of specifically Central Coast matters: environment, industries, jobs, population options, socio-economic patterns, land and town planning options, youth policy that’s more than projects, indigenous businesses, heritage, history, arts, performing arts, and various social endeavours.

The placement of the Central Coast University (CCU) has some advocates baffled.

For me, the issue of siting, is easy.

A CCU will need to service both ends of the region – Wyong and Gosford – and the land needs to be cheap to keep development costs low.

Transport between the University faculties must be rapid and uncongested.

So, the site selects itself – build it over both Wyong and Gosford train stations.

Land costs = nil, speed between the 2 campuses = 30 minutes max, no congestion.

To top off the Gosford building, we solve another long-term problem and gift the top 3 or 4 floors to the Gosford public … a long yearned-for Cultural Centre!

There are 2 big benefits that come with a local university.

First, and most obviously, our Central Coast University can play a big role in providing our youth with a tertiary education, intellectual discipline, sporting and artistic outlets for development and performance … all with ‘Central Coast University’ emblazoned across the proud chests of our local students.

Second, and less obvious, but at least HALF of the importance, is the economic and environmental role of a University with its Research and Development capacity focussed on such things as regional data, analysis and research, regional policies … and all of it in cross-disciplinary collaboration with regional community and private sectors.

Industry participation may come from any or all of the manufacturing, IT, food and regenerative agriculture and aquaculture, renewable energy, biodiversity, telecommunications and tourism sectors, among others, and incorporate Indigenous Australian culture and history.

Newcastle University is of big importance for Newcastle.

Darwin and Hobart Universities are of great importance to Darwin and Hobart.

The Central Coast needs its own public, multi-disciplinary, locally managed, Central Coast University that serves the Central Coast.

Email, 1 Jun
Dr Vanlyn J Davy [JP], Pearl Beach