Bring on council elections

Letters to the editor

[Forum] Here is another example of how badly this Council is serving us.

The Broadwater Hotel was bought in 1998/99 at a premium price which has affected development of this part of Gosford ever since.

Then, the left pushed for a massive arts centre and white elephant library with 10,000sqm of rented office space using State and Federal money they would never get.

Now that this won’t happen our council has a tender to demolish the buildings and “plant grass” on the main street of Gosford.

Council press release says the site was “a dilapidated building which had attracted squatters as well as associated drug and alcohol related incidents” – so they don’t properly manage their own vacant properties but now want a rates increase.

We need Council elections ASAP to elect a new fresh business-like team to get the Central Coast going again.

Email, Jun 19
Godfrey Franz, Gosford

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