An open letter to the NSW Government

Premier Gladys Berejiklian and Adam Crouch

[Forum] Dear Premier, Treasurer and Member for Terrigal; I request that you abandon your recently announced plan to offer a $1000 [inducement] as opposed to honouring already agreed upon pay rises to public sector workers in NSW.

This is particularly galling in light of the fact that it is these very workers are the same ones who have gone over and above in their duty in recent support of our entire community during the COVID-19 crisis, which still poses a real threat to us all.

These workers, public school and TAFE teachers, cleaners, public transport personnel, essential service workers and of course all of our medical personnel, have all put their very lives on the line to maintain our society and the only thanks you offer them is a real pay cut, this is an appalling way to treat these workers and must be abandoned immediately.

Email, Jun 2
D J Williamson, Wamberal