Woy Woy Little Theatre goes online

With the Coronavirus social distancing measures causing a temporary halt to the Woy Woy Little Theatre’s in-person practices and performances, the club have turn to Google Meetings video conferencing to produce a suite of FLASH Virtual Playreads.

The endeavour began the night of Monday, 27 April, with the performance of Canadian comedy duo, Wayne and Shuster’s 1954 radio comedy sketch, ‘Rinse the Blood Off My Toga’.

The sketch reinvents Shakespeare’s famous play, ‘Julius Caesar’, as a parodic Noir-detective story, where private eye, Flavius Maximus, is hired to find the murderer of the (in)famous Roman ruler.

The Little Theatre company were unsure if the Google video-call would be able to run smoothly with a group of actors, directors and audience members reaching almost 40, but the show went ahead and ended up producing a lot of laughs.

The sketch reinvents Shakespeare’s famous play, ‘Julius Caesar’.

With this initial success, the company are organising more performances to be run every second Wednesday night at 7:30 pm, starting from 6 May.

For all who are interested in getting involved, either as actor or director, the company are open to involving more faces and are looking for more plays and sketches to perform.
All suggestions are welcome.

Or, if you are just looking for some light-hearted entertainment, you can join the calls and be part of the virtual audience.
For more information, head to woywoylt.com , where details on upcoming performances will be posted.

SOURCE: woywoylt.com, accessed 27 APR, 2020
Woy Woy Little Theatre Company.