Where is the best location for the new air quality monitor?

An air quality monitor like this one will be installed near Lake Macquarie power stations. Image: EPA NSW

[Forum] Mannering Park Progress Association wishes to thank Lake Macquarie MP, Greg Piper, on behalf of the residents of the Central Coast and Lake Macquarie, for obtaining the new air quality monitor (Wyong Regional Chronicle, May 6).

It is certainly needed and long overdue, and something the association has been trying to have installed for too long.

So, the next question is: Where should it be installed?

We believe, as it is so critical to management of air pollution in both the Central Coast and Lake Macquarie City Council areas, that both Councils and all of the State members should have input into the decision.

We are adamant that it must pick up the pollution emanating from the Eraring and Vales Point coal-fired power stations, as well as from the ash dams, coal dumps and conveyancing of coal as a bare minimum.

Therefore, we suggest that it be placed between the power stations in the Watagans out from Mandalong, or near Wyee.

Obviously, we would be guided by the experts, but only if this is their overriding criteria.

We are excited about this small but meaningful victory.

However, it will be a hollow gesture if the monitor is placed where it won’t pick up pollution from these sources.

Email, May 9
President, Kel Wynn
Mannering Park Progress