Present restrictions are essential

Letters to the editor

[Forum] May I once again beg your indulgence to state my indignation and outrage on watching this morning’s ABC program which interviewed men who agreed, over emphatically, that all our present restrictions be removed immediately?

Such dangerous and irresponsible comments are an insult to the brilliant minds of our medical consultants, who implore that this is not the right time to do this.

Thoughtfully, our government and states do not condone these appalling comments.

Are these men blind as well as stupid?

I question their IQ, and they appear to apparently have much in common with Donald Trump, my pet aversion.

In reply to David Vustall, East Gosford, I am not in conjunction with anyone, my views and opinions are entirely my own.

This I attribute to my excellent Scottish education and my wise and brilliant father, ahead of his time, who instilled wisdom in his children.

Important always is honesty and decency, among the many ones he instilled in me, which I have tried to always adhere to.

“Never assume anything, but always have the courage of your convictions,” this is who I am.

Letter, Apr 13
Mary Notman, Niagara Park