Online pole dancing takes off in COVID-19

Keeping fit during COVID-19 has been tough but it’s even harder when your go-to work out is pole dancing.

Thankfully, Peach Pole Studio has locals covered.

Created by veteran performer and teacher, Daisy Bastick, Peach Pole Studio has two locations at Erina and Tuggerah and has introduced hundreds of women and a few men, to the art of pole dancing.

According to Daisy, at Peach Pole it’s all about keeping the “dance” in pole dancing, with routine-based teaching that builds strength, stamina, flexibility and cardio fitness at the heart of what they do.

With a team of pros helping Daisy lead classes that cater to pundits of the pole right through to beginners, the studio has built up a loyal following of ‘Peachies’, students who’ve become hooked on the socially fulfilling and confidence boosting exercise.

When lockdown restrictions came into effect Daisy had to close both venues and like many others in the fitness and exercise industry she turned to online classes to keep her studio going, but unlike her peers who could easily tailor their offering to suit a home work out, Daisy was faced with a dilemma – how do you teach pole dancing without a pole?

The solution was to launch a series of classes that cater to students with and without a pole.

The classes are incredibly diverse and cover just about everything to do with pole dancing from fitness through to artistry.

With classes categorised by difficulty and equipment requirements, regular Peachies have quickly settled into what works for them and while life in lockdown might not be peachy, for Daisy and her crew being able to stay engaged with their students has kept morale high during an uncertain time.

“I joke with all the girls that don’t have a pole to get out on the clothesline and put on a show, but jokes aside, the online classes have actually been really rewarding.

“We’re getting to trial a bunch of new ideas like costume ‘crafternoons’ and a few other fun things.

“It’s also been really good for the girls that might’ve been a bit nervous about doing a face-to-face class for the first time.

“They get to try it out in the privacy of their own home and that can help them get over any jitters,” Daisy said.

That connectedness has been just as valued by students, with Zoom classes providing some much-needed socialisation while everyone’s stuck at home.

It also helps that there’s a few more light-hearted classes sprinkled in with the more traditional ones.

Such classes have included mums and bubs class where the bubs can be substituted for pets and a special bed routine, which is exactly what it sounds like, dancing in bed – heels not recommended.

“We’re very much a family and I think we’ve all been missing those fuzzy moments when we’re all together, so we’re trying to keep things light and fun with the classes until we can get back in the studio,” Daisy said.

With restrictions starting to ease off, Daisy’s now looking towards a managed approach to reinstating face-to-face classes.

“We’ll probably do four more weeks of just online classes and then assess from there, but what we’re doing online has proved so popular it’s something we might integrate into our usual offering,” Daisy said.

Interview, May 14
Daisy Bastick, Peach Pole Studio
Reporter: Dilon Luke