Local planning panel is a win for developers

Letters to the editor

[Forum] I agree with Central Coast councillor Jillian Hogan, in her remarks  that the State Government directive to implement a local planning panel for Central Coast Council is a means to silence residents.

Residents wish to have their voices heard with respect to development applications in their neighbourhood and to have input into the character, quality and nature of Central Coast living.

The panel will decide on developments that are contentious, non-compliant with development standards by more than 10 percent, or more than three storeys high.

It gives the nod to developers to continue to push the envelope as far as they can in respect to development guidelines, where we have seen many development applications contravene development standards, in size and height with much loss of mature trees and other vegetation with new developments.

I have little faith in the claim that community complaints will have avenues for appeal. The developers and the state government are the winners in this directive.

Email, 12 May 2020
Suraya Coorey, Woy Woy