Fuel profiteering as we are asked to pull together

Letters to the editor

[Forum] Peninsula fuel prices remain 30 cents a litre dearer than Gosford and Sydney.

This borders on theft, taking advantage of our isolation in this extraordinary time of government aid packages, lock downs, social distancing, foreign debt and high unemployment.

What a disgrace!

How dare they charge so much. It is shameless profiteering, as the price of oil per barrel has crashed worldwide.

We are all being asked to pull together as a community and unite to help one another (through Covid-19).

Our local fuel outlets obviously do not care about joining the community in our united effort to get through this time of crisis.

They are more interested in the bottom line, ripping us all off.

It is unAustralian – that’s what it is.

A lot of people are isolated on the Peninsula, they cannot drive to Gosford due to a restricted licence or financial reasons, so the unemployed and pensioners are taking the brunt of this rip off.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is absolutely useless and powerless.

The fuel outlets just raise the middle finger to them.

End this Peninsula fuel rip-off. – Email, 27 Apr 2020

Brian Lewis, Umina Beach