Don’t give up

Letters to the editor

[FORUM] I have Bipolar Spectrum Disorder.

It sounds nice doesn’t it.

It is bitter sweet.

My disorder is but a curse, but it enlightens me every time I become imbalanced.

Every time I am manic, I am motivated, wise, spiritual, moody and paranoid because I have reached self-actualisation between five to 15 times across my lifespan (Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs).

When I was at university studying a Bachelor of Teaching in Health and Physical Education, I learnt the most important life lesson ever – that is, like a spectrum of light or a coloured pie chart, everyone learns differently (Gardener’s educational theory of 9 type of intelligence).

It describes intelligence as subjective; everyone is different, no one is dumb, and everyone has the chance to succeed at something.

Basically, don’t give up – survive.

Something I was never taught when I was young was resilience.

I lack it and I lack patience.

My parents taught me through music and kind hearts to be open and honest.

Life has taught me to fight for what I believe in.

Email, Apr 27

Eliza Schuj, Green Point

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