Council wastes a lot of money

PelicansPelicans at Tuggerah Lakes

[Forum] I recall reading in one of the local papers that Central Coast Council intends to spend taxpayer money on a statue of Percy the Pelican at The Entrance.

Well how about kerb and guttering streets that people have already paid for?

My late father paid 59 pounds for the kerb and gutter outside our home in 1965, just after the water was done, and we are still waiting for it.

Why do we, as taxpayers, have to pay for something that is not wanted by the majority?

Why do Council outsource all the works undertaken on behalf of the people?

It costs three times as much for any work carried out by private contractors, the reason for this is another layer of management multiplied by two, another waste of money.

It is no wonder that people are sick and tired of councils and governments wasting public money.

Council needs to ask the people where they spend the public’s money.

Email, Apr 11
Robert Findley, Point Clare