Council CEO’s tender approval delegation remains unchanged

Central Coast Council's new CEO, Gary MurphyFormer Central Coast Council CEO, Gary Murphy

Central Coast CEO, Gary Murphy, will keep his delegation powers after councillors met to discuss the issue raised by Cr Greg Best, who questioned the CEO agreeing to tenders without them going to Council.

A confidential meeting held remotely on May 18, was held to discuss Murphy’s powers and Mayor, Lisa Matthews, said Cr Best left the meeting before it finished.

“The discussion showed that there was nothing wrong.

“Murphy has the same powers of delegation of previous general managers of both Gosford and Wyong former councils,” she said.

“Basically, Cr Best blew it out of the water but it wasn’t terrible at all.

“At the meeting, we discussed the report that was approved by the full Council in March, 2018.”

As it was a confidential briefing, the requirement for attendees was that they remain on screen.

Mayor Matthews said that Cr Best was presumed to have left the meeting as he did not remain on the screen.

This all came about because, at the council meeting of May 11, Cr Best had questioned Murphy on his tender approval powers and appeared surprised to hear that they were unlimited.

Interview, May 26
Central Coast Mayor, Lisa Matthews
Reporter: Merilyn Vale