Avoca Beach teacher helps kids to GetActive@Home

Michelle Jarmaine (left) with co-presenter Teresa Polias

Michele Jarmaine is one of just seven teachers chosen from schools across the state to be a presenter on the new weekly program designed to keep primary school children active whilst they’re learning from home.

The Department has filmed 18 episodes so far with Michelle set to make her debut in episode five and she couldn’t be more excited.

“Filming has been an incredibly fun experience and I think the series is going to become a really valuable resource for families.

“I’m a mum myself and I know how important it is for kids to take breaks from online learning and get active, but with no sport and trips to the park and other places where they can run around limited, it’s been hard for lots of families to find ways to get moving,” Michelle said.

With the series mirroring the PDHPE syllabus and focusing on the skills kids would develop through activities at school as well as being free to access, it’s hoped the new video resource will be adopted into families’ weekly routines.

“Best of all, all the activities we do can be done by everyone.

“We never assume that kids just have access to things like balls or racquets, so we substitute them for things like soft toys and rolled up socks.

“It’s just real good fun,” Michelle said.

Michelle co-presents with former Matildas player and McCallums Hill Public School teacher, Teresa Polias, and she thinks it’s a match made in heaven.

“Teresa and I have such a laugh together when we’re on set and she’s so great with the football skills that even I’m learning things from her and I think it sets a great example for the kids having someone stand beside a professional and still giving it a go.

“I hope it encourages them not to be afraid of trying new things,” Michelle said.

Department Deputy Secretary School Operations and Performance, Murat Dizdar, said the new video resource will make it easier for teachers and parents to keep students physically active, with Michelle and her fellow presenters providing clear instructions and demonstrations showing children how to complete all the activities in a safe and fun way.

The videos are split into two categories, Kindergarten to Year 2 and Year’s 3 to 6.

Other resources include activity logbooks, tracking cards and digital certificates to get students motivated to move.

Special guest appearances from well-known sports stars are set to encourage students to tune in to new episodes each week.

The first two episodes of GetActive@Home are available now on the Department’s website with new episodes released weekly over the next five weeks.

With her debut just a week away, the Avoca Beach Public School community can’t wait to see Michelle light up their screens.

“All of our Kindergarten students at school followed along with episode one and had such a good time.

“I think this is something the community’s really going to love GetActive@Home,” Michelle said.


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