Stay at home staff

An English digital consultant stuck in Wagstaffe has used his isolation time to launch a service aimed at helping smaller organisations set up work from home routines for their local employees.

Chris Leggett had travelled from the United Kingdom for his brother’s wedding in New Zealand, and on the way back, he was visiting family on the Central Coast.
When the pandemic announcements hit, his plans to return home were put on hold.
While in Wagstaffe, Leggett convinced a local relative to give him space to set up an office, and while in isolation, he created a specific course in his area of expertise.
His UK-based consultancy for years has been helping organisations manage the transition for employees working from home, something that has suddenly become in great demand in response to the pandemic.
“I know people are scared, so I want to give those who own companies something tangible to do, to give them some level of control back over their business,” Leggett said.
“Suddenly having to shift the way a company operates shouldn’t mean the end for that business.
“In time, they may even come to realise that working remotely actually works better for them and their staff.”
Leggett has created a complete online course based on his experience setting up remote offices around the world that cuts through the noise and allows managers to get their operation online fast.
The course, called Stay At Home Staff, is designed to move operations online and manage staff remotely, and includes resources and examples of how to successfully make the transition.
“We have instructional videos that run for less than an hour and the entire system can be set up in 2-4 hours, including training for staff,” Leggett said.
“The course is also open to expansion.
“Anyone can make suggestions based on their individual needs and business, and this allows me to create new tutorials to ensure that it covers all aspects of a business’ operations.”

Source: Media statements, Chris Leggett – Stay At Home Staff Reporter: David Abrahams