School attendance drops to 15 per cent

An empty classroom.

Woy Woy Public School principals Ms Ona Buckley and Mr Dan Betts have said the school was complying with directives from the NSW Government as well as NSW Health and the Department of Education.

They encouraged parents and guardians not in the essential services workforce to keep children at home and to help them settle into online learning.
They said attendance at the school had dropped to 15 per cent by March 25.
“Our staff have been working hard to develop a suite of learning resources and options for students to undertake from home.
“The Department has developed and will continue to develop resources and offer professional learning to help teachers with this task.
“Whether your child is at school or at home, the aim is for all students to access the consistent learning content provided by our school.
“This may mean sending work home, either with physical materials or by email, or by making use of one of our online platforms at our school.
“The Learning from Home resource (available on the Department of Education’s website) provides practical advice to parents and carers on how to best create and support a productive learning environment in the home.”

Emails, 24-25 Mar 2020
Ona Buckley and Dan Betts, Woy Woy Public School

This article appeared first in The Peninsula News print edition