Price gouging needs to be controlled

Letters to the editor

[Forum] The following is an open letter to Prime Minister Scott Morrison and the Federal and State Governments;

Dear Prime Minister, Federal and State members, whilst you are busy legislating welcome restrictions on movement and gatherings of people, it is critical that your governments include laws aimed at retailers at this time of community crisis, to prevent current extortionate profiteering on basic foodstuffs and supplies.
This essential measure will enable those of us who are practicing the social isolation as recommended by yourself and the Chief Medical Officer to maintain adequate nutrition and health in order to better cope with the effects of COVID-19.
As an example of current practices, I paid almost $8 for a single medium-sized cauliflower at Woolworths Erina this afternoon (March 18), this is more than twice the price paid for the same item a week before.
Similarly, at the pharmacy opposite Sydney’s Central station last Thursday, I was quoted $15 for a single face mask.
A fortnight earlier I had purchased three similar masks at my local Bunnings for about $8.

Email, Mar 19
Doug Williamson, Wamberal