Online resource to help adults talk to children about COVID-19

The Central Coast Local Health District (CCLHD) has released a new online resource to help adults talk to children about COVID-19.

The new resource, entitled ‘The Virus and My Family’, is available for download through the CCLHD’s website and was developed by mental health staff to help parents and guardians broach the topic of COVID-19 with children who might be struggling to come to terms with the current situation.

“It can be hard to know how to talk to kids about COVID-19.

“Our mental health staff have developed a helpful resource to assist parents to explain COVID-19 to young children in a simple way, to help them feel less anxious and better understand some of the changes they are experiencing.

“The resource contains activities you can do with your little ones to help them express their concerns and can be used to help you start a conversation on how they are coping and ways you can help them,” a CCLHD spokesperson said.

The resource is listed on the CCLHD’s Children and Young People’s Mental Health page, which includes several other resources and links to services centred around child/youth mental health.

Website, Apr 14
Central Coast Health
Reporter: Dilon Luke

Link to resource here – provided as a community service(non paid link).