Licence reprieve for over 75s

To ease the burden on the health system and protect vulnerable people, Transport for NSW has deferred the need for drivers over the age of 75 to undertake a medical review to confirm that they are fit to drive.

Transport for NSW Secretary, Rodd Staples, said a top priority for Transport for NSW is the safety of customers and the deferral will protect those at higher risk, while lessening the strain on the health system.
“We know the elderly are highly affected by this virus and we want to get ahead of the game to ensure that they are not making unnecessary trips where they could potentially be exposed to the virus,” Staples said.
“We have not made this decision lightly, but we understand the need to ease some pressure off the already under stress medical system,” he said.
Drivers who are considered at high risk, including those who require specialist review, police identified drivers, and heavy vehicle drivers are still required to undertake a medical assessment.
The deferral is for a period of up to 12 months and came into effect on March 23.

Press release, Mar 25
Leigh Wannan, Transport for NSW