Ice cream deliveries help keep business alive

Terrigal Ice Creamery

Since the Coast went into shutdown, we’ve heard plenty of inspiring stories about local businesses dialling up the ingenuity to stay afloat in the face of COVID-19, but Terrigal Ice Creamery might just have the sweetest story yet, literally.

A mainstay on Church St since the 80s, not a summer goes by without thousands of the ice creamery’s colourful cones being spotted around The Esplanade, but when shutdown came into effect, owner, David Harris, had to think outside of the box.

Home delivery was a no brainer, but figuring out how to transition his very much over the counter business into a mobile delivery service presented its own unique challenges.

Through trial and error, David and his team have slowly but surely been getting the hang of it, much to the delight of sweet tooths across the Coast.

Starting off with deliveries around Terrigal, David’s been expanding their runs outwards to nearby suburbs.

Part of that expansion included the introduction of six packs, six scoops of premium ice cream in one container.

The ice creamery’s range of ice cream cakes have also been taking off and have quickly become their best-selling products, and it’s all been a bit of a pleasant surprise to David.

“When we started doing the deliveries, it was just a way to make sure that we could pay the rent, and now its really opening us up to a whole new lot of customers.

“It’s changing the way we do business and I might even keep it up when things settle down,” David said.

“We’ve got a really great community of regulars who’ve been helping keep us going by buying a little more than they would normally,” David said.

With winter creeping closer, David said he’d been taking every day as it comes.

“All you can really do right now is just adapt to what’s happening.

“We’re just going to keep taking the ice cream to the people and hoping for the best,” he said.

Interview, Apr 22
David Harris, Terrigal Ice Creamery
Reporter: Dilon Luke