Grocery box sharing system finds its way to Woy Woy

A grocery box sharing system has found its way to Woy Woy, using technology to get fresh produce to local homes.

Run by farmers serving Sydney and the Central Coast, Box Divvy has set up a neighbourhood hub in Woy Woy.

People can sign up, find a local hub, contribute to a wish list of products and organise their overall shopping list with their fellow members to be picked up or delivered weekly.

Box Divvy cuts down this process by having the food sent straight to the hub where it is also packed.

The Box Divvy Hub in Woy Woy is run by Trish Donovan.

“It was important to get this happening,” Ms Donovan said.

“Local grocers have been closing their doors and so my access to fresh food disappeared.

“It’s a safe way for my community to shop as we’re not exposed to large crowds, plus we’re providing fresh food options at prices 30 to 40 per cent cheaper.

“Fifty-five percent of packaged food items in supermarkets are either discretionary or junk food – they offer little to no nutrition.

“I wanted more for my family.

“Also, my son, Jack, isn’t pestering me for things while we shop – he helps me pick online what we’ll have for the coming week instead.”

The Box Divvy group is encouraging more community members to get involved by starting up their own food hub.

Media release, 16 Apr 2020
Interview (Haak Barry), 16 Apr 2020
Trish Donovan, Box Divvy