Asbestos to be removed as part of maintenance works

Henry Kendall High School will have asbestos removed as part of maintenance works these April school holidays according to a spokesperson for School Infrastructure NSW.

“Testing conducted by an independent hygienist has confirmed that the material is bonded asbestos, which means it is attached to other material such as cement or vinyl and cannot be crumbled by light pressure.

“This material will be removed in accordance with the Department of Education’s Asbestos Management Plan and SafeWork NSW regulations.

“All work will be completed by licensed and accredited asbestos removalists and monitored by occupational hygienists in strict accordance with all applicable legislation, regulations, policies and guidelines.

“The material is scheduled to be removed on April 20, weather permitting.

“Testing will be completed to ensure the site has been fully remediated,” the spokesperson said.

Email, Apr 9
School Infrastructure NSW