Advertising claims questioned

Letters to the editor

[Forum] The full page advertisement by Federal Member for Robertson, Lucy Wicks, appearing on page 7 of Coast Community News edition 232, is so full of political spin that even the local member is confused and has endorsed the advertisement.

Let us have a closer look at some aspects of this advertisement.
Has the present Federal Government actually endorsed the installation of solar panels or encouraged the establishment of wind farms for that matter?
The installation of the large backup battery in South Australia was mocked by our Prime Minister.
Was Snowy Hydro 2.0 initiated as a response to the SA backup battery?
Claims that Australia is meeting its Paris agreement are rather questionable.
In particular, the reference to “emissions per capita” can only be described as intentionally misleading.
The environment is affected by the total emissions discharged into the atmosphere not how much is introduced by each person.
In fact, a Google check of the total CO2 emissions from Australia shows an interesting graphic.
From 1995 to 2007, emissions were rising, post 2007 (to 2014) emissions fell by approximately 15 per cent.
Since 2014, emissions (total) have been steadily increasing to 2019 (the limit on the graph).
Which governments were in office during these periods?
Would our local member care to explain the discrepancies between the claims in the advertisement with the above internet reference?

Email, Mar 9
Col Hodgson, Mt Elliot