We live on a fragile Cinderella Planet

Global Warming is real and getting worse.

Scientists predicted it over a century ago.

We have known that burning fossil fuels releases carbon dioxide, a “greenhouse gas” which controls the heat of our earth.

We know that of the Five Great Extinctions only one was caused by a meteor, the other four all registered a massive increase in CO2.

Add an even more potent greenhouse gas, methane, which has been locked up in the frozen permafrost for millennia, now being released as the permafrost melts.

We live on a Cinderella Planet, the only one in the known galaxy so far which supports life.

From David Wallace-Wells, deputy editor of New York Magazine, who sets out the reality and the danger of global warming in The Uninhabitable Earth:

“The climate system that gave rise to the human species, and to everything we know as civilisation, is so fragile that it has been brought to the brink of total instability in just one generation of human activity.”

Email, Mar 16
Margaret McGowan, Erina