We are living in an economy and not a sustainable environment

E2 land at Kangy Angy before (left) and after (right) clearingE2 land at Kangy Angy before (left) and after (right) clearing

[FORUM] This short update on lessons learnt regarding the fight with Transport for NSW over the rail maintenance facility at Kangy Angy is not really what you want to hear.

A lot of what we want to save and preserve ecologically is very much dependent on political will.

The Liberal Party as well as State Government have suggested they are introducing measures to ameliorate the loss of habitat, species and global warming.

Gladys Berejiklian has appointed a Minister to look after, create and preserve green spaces.

Rob Stokes is to look into planning, and has expressed a view that councils should not lose their power of veto on an inappropriate development.

We are warned about the million species likely to die out through global warming and habitat loss, Australia being one of the highest losers.

So if they are genuine in their concern about land clearances, habitat protection and decreasing numbers of native animals, why did the State Government see fit to turn a zoned E2 and E3 rural site supporting protected trees and at least 20 different endangered birds and animals, into a 24/7 heavy industry area, when an appropriately zoned, Council endorsed, site was waiting and available?

It’s too late to save this important place, the anger and upset at the loss is still acute, but the fact of the matter is, it does not make a fig of difference if the local community and focus groups inhabit the high moral ground on green issues and fight for their protection.

These politicians will still do exactly what they want.

At the State and Council level it is still only lip service.

We wait to see if a Federal Government changes thing.

This of course does not mean we should throw in the towel on our environment.

With a growing concern about global warming and species loss, politicians will have to bite the bullet and do something sooner or later.

The little endangered black throated finch will not win against jobs in Adani, as all the arguments regarding Kangy Angy did not win either.

Big business always has the upper hand because we are living in an economy and not a sustainable environment.

Unfortunately, these are the lessons we have learnt.

Email, Feb 22
Susan Zgraja, Fountaindale

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