Training not required to use a defibrillator

A public defibrillator Image: WikiCommonsA public defibrillator (illustration purposes) Image: WikiCommons

[FORUM] I write in regard to an article that appeared in Coast Community News edition 233 about a defibrillator being installed at Davistown Progress Hall.

In the article it says a number of locals will be trained to use the defibrillator, but I think it is really important to emphasise that you do not need to be trained to use one because the device instructs you what to do step by step.

I have used one and successfully brought an 80-year-old male back to life.

The word ‘demonstrating’ would have been a better choice over ‘training’.
We want to make sure the public would use a defibrillator if one is on hand and we don’t want to make them think that training is necessary, or they won’t use it to potentially save a life.

Email, Mar 15
Alister Wishart, Saratoga