Senate inquiry hearing at Terrigal cancelled

Save Our CoastSave Our Coast has been informed of the cancellation of the Senate Inquiry at Terrigal. Image: SOC Facebook page.

The Senate Inquiry into Seismic Testing that was to be held on Tuesday March 17 at Terrigal has been cancelled until further notice due to the coronavirus.

In an email to members Dr Natasha Deen, founder of Save Our Coast informed members and community supporters of the decision made by the Senate Committee.

‘We have just received news that the Senate Inquiry hearing next week has been cancelled due to the coronavirus. All events next week have been postponed  including the community gathering at Umina…

Save Our Coast had been invited to present to the Inquiry, and welcomed both the Inquiry and the hearing at the Central Coast.
“Although we have been working tirelessly to present the science and community concerns on seismic testing to the Senate Inquiry, we also understand the Senate committee’s decision to safeguard the health of the community at this time, to prevent transmission of the coronavirus, especially for the safety of the most vulnerable in our community who are most at risk.” said Dr Deen.

“The Senate Inquiry on Seismic testing is an opportunity to voice community concerns and the science that clearly shows the impact that continuous underwater airgun blasts of 200-257 decibels has on marine animals and the marine ecosystem,” said Dr Natasha
Deen, founder of Save Our Coast. “The Inquiry is a step towards better legislation on this damaging method of searching oil or gas, and hopefully a step towards eventually stopping seismic testing completely. ”
“60,000 people have expressed opposition to seismic testing and we have been working tirelessly preparing to present scientific evidence and represent community views to the Inquiry.“

SENATE INQUIRY HEARING CANCELLED DUE TO CORONAVIRUS – all events postponed until further notice.

‘As soon as we have more details as to when the Inquiry will be rescheduled, and when it is safe to do so, we will re-organise events and let you know.’

Source: email and media statement Dr Natasha Deen, Save Our Coast founder March 14, 2020.