Schools are preparing for a potential transition to online delivery

Local school at Wyoming introducing computer coding earlyLocal school at Wyoming introducing computer coding early

Henry Kendall High School Principal, Andrew Backhouse, has updated the school community on where the school is at in preparing for a potential transition to online delivery in wake of the Coronavirus.

“The Department of Education has asked schools to begin preparations for online delivery of learning in the event that schools are instructed to close in the coming weeks.
“This is not an immediate process and is impacted by a range of factors including stages of learning and the nature of the course.
“It may also by impacted by a student’s ccess to technology at home,” Backhouse said.
“As a school we are working to secure online delivery opportunities as quickly as possible.
“Our first priority is to ensure that Stage 6 students have as much continuity of learning as possible and then to accommodate core subject areas in the junior years.
“As well as our own school resources, we are expecting that the Department will have further options for us to use in the following weeks,” he continued.
“It is important to understand that the school is open and learning is occurring in all classrooms and learning spaces.
“Students are expected to be at school unless they are unwell.
“Many subjects are using Google Classroom and students can continue to access this learning, but we are unable to provide individual learning programs at this time.
“As a parent, you have every right to decide to keep your children home.
“However, this will mean that they will be marked as an absence.
“If there is a circumstance that necessitates leave due to a health condition, illness or the need to self-isolate due to medical reasons, then I would encourage you to make contact with the school to discuss your individual context and the required documentation to support this leave.
“If the leave is deemed to meet the Department’s threshold for an exemption or leave, then we anticipate being able to provide some remote teaching and learning effective from March 25 for those students.
“This will be provided on a case by case basis.
“Full transition to remote learning will only occur if the school is instructed to close for a period of time,” Backhouse said.

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Andrew Backhouse, Henry Kendall High School