Precautions in preparation for maintenance work

Woy Woy Public SchoolWoy Woy Public School uniforms are being discussed.

Safety precautions will be put in place in preparation for maintenance work at Woy Woy Public School.

Principal Ms Ona Buckley said: “Although most of the work can be done on weekends and over the next school holidays, there will still be some school days when workmen are on site preparing or working.

“Appropriate safety precautions will be strictly adhered to so that students, parents and staff are always safe and learning can continue.”

She said the work was part of the 2019-2020 school cyclic maintenance and would see projects take shape around the school.

“Many areas of the school will be worked on with interior painting taking place in the onsite demountable classrooms, community room and SaCC building and external painting outside the B Block building near the KY room.

“Upgrading of some downpipes near the decking outside of B Block will go ahead, as will replacement of the SaCC roof.

“Some interior painting will happen in the administration block office areas and the storeroom near the cooking kitchen will be upgraded as well.”

Newsletter, 6 Mar 2020
Ona Buckley, Woy Woy Public School