Not a Morrison fan

Letters to the editor

[Forum] Once again, may I beg your indulgence to convey my relevant comments on the Prime Minister’s recent travesty, although why was I not in the least surprised?

As an avid political addict for years, I have watched and observed this man’s devious agenda to acquire the top-job, no matter what.
This he achieved by his cunning and treacherous betrayal of his so-called friend, Malcolm Turnbull, which showed his true character.
Make no mistake, Scott Morrison’s Christian beliefs are a façade, behind which is a cold and ruthless man who rules with a rod of iron and will allow nothing or no-one to get in his way.
Even in his former positions, he never did show any compassion for the less fortunate, and continues to do so.
His disrespect for the Reserve Bank Governor’s advice has resulted in numerous rate reductions by the bank to attempt to improve the economy.
Even his Treasurer’s recent address was condemned for his audacious duplicity on the economy and his spurious efforts to enhance their climate policy, which is totally obscure.
Without any doubt, this Hawaiian holiday at this horrific time was acrimonious and ill advised.
It was also an affront to the hundreds of voluntary firefighters putting their lives at risk daily.
Being shamed into returning early and his pathetic apology is a joke.
Does this PM think we are all a bunch of gullible fools?
As are so many others, I am shocked and distressed at the loss of lives and so many homes, especially at this time.
Yes, so many did vote for him, but there is a very wise old saying, be careful what you wish for.

Letter, Dec 23,
Mary Notman, Niagara Park