No scientific facts have linked humans to climate change

I see that Central Coast Council is holding workshops on how to plan for Climate Change.

Isn’t it about time we started to debate the real issue that climate changes all the time and no scientific facts have linked humans to climate change?

Why don’t our politicians tell people that carbon dioxide is at historically low levels in earth’s history or that sea levels are falling?

Why is it that the earth has experienced 78 changes in climate over the past 600 million years with the last dramatic change finishing in the mid 1800’s

Does anyone remember the Little Ice Age?

Has anyone thought about the numerous bushfires in the past that have claimed more lives and the plethora of studies which have been ignored?

Why was it hotter 1000 years ago?

Come on people wake up, you are being duped and our children are being frightened.

Email, Feb 25
Garry Clifford, Glenning Valley