Local procurement policy adopted

Councillor Kyle MacGregor speaks up at a council meeting. Image archiveCouncillor Kyle MacGregor speaks up at a council meeting. Image archive 2017

A new local procurement policy from Central Coast Council will give local businesses a better chance to compete for council tenders.

The council adopted the new policy at its March 9 meeting, during a confidential part of the meeting that was not open to the public.
The policy will give local businesses a 20 per cent weighting for tenders up to $150,000. It will be reviewed in 12 months.

Cr Kyle MacGregor said the policy would be a game changer for local small businesses and a significant reform by the council for the region.

“This is the most significant reform for local small businesses in more than a decade,” Cr MacGregor said.

“With our last budget providing $792M worth of investment and services, there is plenty of work going around and plenty of opportunities for local small businesses and council to work together to deliver projects and services for our local community.

“This policy gives local businesses a foot in the door and gives them the ability to compete with larger non-local firms for council contracts.
“It is more important than ever for council to support local businesses and workers in these challenging economic times, especially with the looming spectre of the Coronavirus and the first recession in thirty years.”

Cr MacGregor said the weighting of 20 per cent in the policy was double what the former Wyong council’s local procurement policy offered.
“We already have the evidence to see how much this benefited local firms when it was in place,” he said.

“I will always be a strong advocate for high quality, well paying secure local jobs as well as secure and profitable local small businesses.
“The two go hand in hand and offer the solution to the commuter crisis that has plagued the Coast for decades.
“I am proud to have been the one leading the push for this going back to my initial resolution to formulate and adopt a local preference policy for Council in 2018.

“This new policy, in conjunction with developing our economic growth areas such as the Wyong Economic Zone, will significantly strengthen our local economy and Gross Regional Product.
“Focusing on local jobs, attracting and developing productive local business and diversifying the local economy should be the focus of all levels of Government for our region in the immediate future.

“The 20 per cent loading is being trialled for the next 12 months, so I say to local businesses, get your tenders ready and apply for work on Council projects to make the most of this policy and show us how this policy can not only strengthen your business and increase your profitability, but that you can work together with us to strengthen our community and make the Central Coast an even better place to live for all of us,” Cr MacGregor said.

Media release, Mar 10
Central Coast Councillor, Kyle MacGregor
Agenda Item 8.1
Central Coast Council meeting, Mar 9