Local Health District is as prepared as humanly possible

Dr Andrew MontagueDr Andrew Montague, Chief Executive CC Local Health District.

Central Coast Local Health District (CCLHD) CEO, Dr Andrew Montague, says the CCLHD is as “prepared as humanly possible” for a potential Coronavirus outbreak on the Coast.

According to Dr Montague, the CCLHD had been working hard to ensure its pandemic plan was in order and praised the efforts of staff as the Coast’s public health sector braces for a horror winter.

“I want to assure the community that the CCLHD is well prepared.
“Staff have been incredibly supportive of one another and working hard to ensure the district is as prepared as humanly possible,” Dr Montague said.

In wake of the region’s five confirmed cases of COVID-19, Dr Montague said the CCLHD was urging the community to remain calm, adopt social distancing and to be stringent with their hygiene.

“The CCLHD’s response as a District to COVID-19 is that it is here on the Coast and that anyone at risk of infection will be contacted by the CCLHD Public Health Unit,” Dr Montague said.
“We understand that people may be a little fearful at the moment, but (members of) the community need to look out for one another.”
Dr Montague said anyone concerned that they might have COVID-19 should consult their GP or Health Direct for assessment but should take note of the following symptoms and risk factors.
“The things people should look out for are respiratory symptoms such as a sore throat, cough, runny nose and a fever above 37.5 degrees.
“Anyone who (displays these symptoms and) has travelled overseas in the past fortnight or come into contact with someone who has been diagnosed as positive for COVID-19, should be looking at coming to one of our testing clinics at either Gosford or Wyong Hospitals.
“Your GP might also decide to send you to a local pathology where you can also be tested,” Dr Montague said.
He urged residents to keep up to date with the most current information about services and what was happening at the CCLHD by monitoring their website.
“We have a clear pandemic plan in place that outlines all the measures we need to take.
“That includes staffing requirements and supply of medical stock and equipment and I believe we are really well placed at the moment.
“We are in constant communication with the Ministry of Health to ensure that we are working as one system and we are also working closely with the Primary Health Network, so we have a consistent approach and each know what each other is doing,” Dr Montague said.

Interview, Mar 16
Dr Andrew Montague, Central Coast Health
Reporter: Dilon Luke