Koala Kindy

Erica Johnstone with one of the birthday joeys

The Australian Reptile park is celebrating seven of the world’s cutest animals, as a swathe of koala joeys turn one.

Affectionately dubbed the Lucky Seven in 2019 after being bred into the Park’s breeding program, the seven koala joeys have all been named after various Disney characters by their keepers.

The joeys’ high social media profile has made them ambassadors for the koala species and raising awareness. Koalas are thought to be on track to become completely extinct by 2050, with their numbers plummeting by a third between 1990 and 2010 due to habitat destruction, deforestation, fragmentation, cars and dogs.

The Park’s Mammal Keeper, Erica Johnstone, said staff were excited that the koala joeys were all growing up to be

“healthy, happy individuals with unique personalities that are a part of an important breeding program here at the Australian Reptile Park”.

Following their eucalyptus leaf party, the joeys napped in their favourite spots for eighteen hours, as is customary for koalas after a big day.

Media release, Mar 4
Australian Reptile Park

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