Infrastructure Asset management receives a mixed report

Council failed two out of three performance indicators on the Infrastructure Asset management scale.

The rate at which Council is renewing its infrastructure is above the benchmark by more than 32 per cent, which is a pass, but it is still behind in asset maintenance and backlog.
The local government benchmark for the backlog is less than two per cent where Central Coast Council’s ratio is 2.41 per cent.
This ratio shows what proportion the backlog is against the total value of Council’s infrastructure.
The ratio has improved slightly from June, 2018, when the ratio was 2.43 per cent.
The third benchmark, the asset management ratio, compares actual maintenance against required annual asset maintenance.
A ratio of above 100 per cent indicates that Council is investing enough funds within the year to stop the infrastructure backlog from growing.
But Central Coast Council’s asset management ratio is below the 100 per cent benchmark, at 94.81 per cent.
In the report, Council said it was focused on asset management and would continue to work to improve on all the infrastructure asset performance indicators.
No benchmark has been set on the cost to bring assets up to an agreed service level, but it provides a snapshot of the proportion of outstanding renewal works compared to the total value of assets under council’s care.
The ratio has slightly improved during the 2018-19 financial year, dropping to 1.56 per cent from 1.59 per cent the previous year.

Agenda item 2.9
Central Coast Council meeting, Feb 24