Heywire presenters are more deserving of awards

Letters to the editor

[FORUM]May I once again raise these relevant and important issues which deeply concern me.

I’m sure there are many others who, like me, would appreciate some believable answers.

After viewing the ABC’s Heywire programmes and realising that so many young Australians are involved in and starting new amazing projects, all voluntary, serving their community, many in the outback which is so deserving of help, I am so impressed and proud of these youngsters, not doing this for monetary remuneration but their compassionate concerns for the less fortunate.

This makes me wonder were any of these outstanding youngsters were included and considered for Young Australians of the Year?

They, without a doubt, certainly should have been, as this award was meant for selfless achievers in their community, which they qualified for in spades.
What a wonderful example they are.

I do question why this award was given to a tennis player.

Of course, she is a lovely girl, and we all admire her tenacity and success, but after all, she plays tennis and is well remunerated for it, unlike these youngsters I’ve remarked on.

Many people I know would like to know who are these people on the selection board, who appoints them and why all the secretiveness?

Will we ever be allowed to find out?

The crux of these awards was for, and intended to be, rewards for their selfless service to their communities and ameliorative programmes which needed improving.

Justice not only should be done but seen to be done. This is the criteria that should be followed, not popularity contests.

Letter, Feb 20
Mary Notman, Niagara Park