Everyone is entitled to solar access

Lynn Freeland, of Pacific Link, hands over the keys to a tenant’s new homeLynn Freeland, of Pacific Link, hands over the keys to a tenant’s new home. Image: Pacific Link archive 2019

[Forum] Eunice Warden (edition 489) raises valid concerns about the approved Pacific Link development at Ocean Beach Rd and Waratah Ave Woy Woy.

Everyone, social housing tenant or otherwise, is entitled to at least two hours of solar access at a minimum.
Looking at the development, there is a five metre open space in the north west corner.

There is also a space (looks at least two metres) on the boundary.
I hope this allows sufficient solar access for the neighbours.
Traffic remains an issue but blocking progress is a less preferred solution in my view.

Residents turning right onto the property could cause traffic delay and I hope no stopping zones are created to allow southbound traffic to go around.
As a taxpayer, I would prefer all the sites were privately-owned, preferably by low income purchasers otherwise by landlords for the private rental market.

Either way the purchase or rental price will be lower and meet our needs for low cost accommodation.
It is not clear exactly what is meant by Ms Warden’s statement: “Cheaper, less restricted land is available further to the north or west.”

As a community I think we’re generally an inclusive bunch.Take crime and unemployment as an example.
I think important solutions include legalisation of drugs (excluding methamphetamine and heroin) and redirecting funds associated with incarceration to social support services like counselling, detoxification and group therapy.

My understanding is that garbage bins should be located on the road not the footpath.

Email, 3 Mar 2020
Luke Chell, Woy Woy