Council should do what is necessary for a permanent solution

Letters to the editor

[Forum] Dave Horsfall misrepresents my letter on roundabouts (Coast Community News edition 233).

I never said that roundabouts were “dangerous”, an emotive word that means only what the writer wants it to mean, I only pointed out the irrefutable statistical fact that roundabouts generate more, but less severe, accidents than traffic light controlled intersections.

I also pointed out the practical difficulty of designing an effective roundabout at the Rawson/Ocean Beach Rds intersection.

Of course, as he colourfully puts it, “the nut behind the wheel” (the correct technical term, I believe, is “the nut on the steering wheel”) is responsible for almost all accidents, but this applies to all types of intersections and has no relevance to the solution of the intersection in question.

I see that the estimated cost, probably understated, of the proposed remediation works is astronomical, and the result will be a makeshift arrangement, like the mess at Woy Woy, that satisfies nobody.
The Council should do nothing or should bite the bullet and do what is necessary for a permanent solution.

Email, Mar 16
Bruce Hyland, Woy Woy