Community warned about telephone scams

The public are alerted to a scam

Tuggerah Lakes Police District has issued a warning to community members regarding a phone scam involving the National Broadband Network (NBN).

A spokesperson for the District said the scam involved robocalls and included an automated voice warning that the NBN service would be turned off in the local area so that maintenance work could be undertaken.
The automation then prompts the person who picked up the call to follow instructions to speak to a real person for more information.
Police are reminding the community that they need to protect their personal information by being on guard, verifying who they are talking to and never disclosing bank accounts or other personal details to an unsolicited caller over the telephone.

It is important to be aware that the NBN will never make unsolicited calls or doorknock to sell broadband services.

This warning comes just days after the District warned of a text message scam exploiting the state’s recent severe storms and floods, where people were falsely offered tax benefits in exchange for their bank details.
Police advise anyone that receives a text message of this nature to delete it and to not click on any links, and remind the community that the Australian Taxation Office never sends texts asking people to access services via a link.
Any scams should be reported to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission through its Scamwatch website.

Website, Feb 17
Tuggerah Lakes Police District