Climate change deniers lack scientific understanding

Letters to the editor

[Forum]With all due respect, I have become rather disappointed with the clearly displayed lack of scientific understanding and the false information promulgated by climate change deniers.

Reading letters to the Forum section of your paper provides sufficient, clear, evidence to substantiate the above alleged lack of understanding.
Before I am accused of elitism, I request those who object to the above comment to respectfully hold their response until they fully understand the mechanisms behind the atmospheric greenhouse effect.
Then they may have a chance of understanding the human effects on our planet by the presently, and measured, increasing level of atmospheric CO2.
From where can this information be obtained?
May I suggest, as a start, the Australian Bureau of Meteorology, the IPCC and other reputable scientific bodies.
Conspiracy theorists, please hold your comments unless you can conclusively prove your conspiracy allegations.
Comments from our present Federal Government call for considerable caution.

Email, Mar 9
Col Hodgson, Mt Elliot