Bays Fair won’t be held until next year

A happier time at the 2019 Bays Fair

The Bays Community Group will not hold its annual Bays Fair until next year.

Group president Ms Cathy Gleeson said the Fair’s organising committee made the decision to postpone the event in line with current restrictions around public gatherings.

Ms Gleeson said the committee was looking at March 14 next year as the new date.
“After consultation with the organising committee, it has been decided to hold off until next year as the logistics of securing another available date this year, combined with advice from authorities to not hold events attracting large crowds, next March looked like the safest option,” Ms Gleeson said.

Ms Gleeson also called on the Bays community to be responsible and empathetic during these times.

“As this current health crisis changes rapidly, please take care and listen to what the authorities are encouraging us all to do.
“Check in and ask your elderly neighbours and anyone you know who may need assistance during these trying times.

“You may be able to help out with shopping or other errands.
“In times like this, it is great to be a part of a community that rallies around and looks after each other.
“It was great to see a few people have already posted on the Bays Community Facebook page offering this kind of assistance,” Ms Gleeson said.

Newsletter, 24 Mar 2020
Cathy Gleeson, Bays Community Group