Australian based call centre gives telco an important advantage

Mark Fazio, co-founder of MATE telecommunications.

Australian telecommunications companies are under severe strain.

Many people are being asked to work from home to help avoid spreading the coronavirus to clients and co-workers.
This dramatic shift is placing huge demands for support from call centres, but many of those are now located overseas and are experiencing their own virus related problems.
Yet, one company, MATE, is doubling down on their local Australian support team to help customers on the Central Coast and across NSW.
MATE, an Australian owned and operated telco, that started servicing the Central Coast in 2019, last year made the commitment from day one to keep all customer services onshore.
They operate their main call centre from Western Sydney and now in the homes of their employees.
Across the Telco industry, many customers have taken to social media to complain about their network service disruptions, and to note that they have been unable to speak to customer service representatives after many hours of waiting on hold.
Whilst global shutdowns are becoming a daily reality across many industries, the telecommunications industry is at significant risk of being hit hard with call centre shutdowns in areas such as the Philippines, where many offices have already closed, and workers have been asked to self-isolate.
“As our call centre HQ is located in Australia, it’s much easier for us to manage any changes when it comes to the location of our call centre operations.
“Our team is able to be set up at home with a MATE connection, and we are able to keep all of our staff’s positions secure as they move locations and continue to provide support to our customers,” says Mark Fazio, CEO of MATE.
MATE started sponsoring the Central Coast Mariners this season and has been promoting their services on the Central Coast across many channels, including this publication.

Media statements, Mar 26
Interview: Mark Fazio, MATE