‘The greenhouse effect’ says it all

The International Panel on Climate Change 2018 report.The International Panel on Climate Change 2018 report cover.

[Foum] This letter is in response to Godfrey Franz’s letter which appeared in Coast Community News, edition 229.

Mr Franz can expect to find no evidence one way or the other regarding sea level rising or falling.

The change he is seeking, or challenging others to show, is too small to be demonstrated with the instruments he has chosen, reminiscent of assembling a small wristwatch with a bulldozer.
Mr Franz needs to research (i.e. Google) “ten hottest years”.
He also needs to search “the greenhouse effect”.
Here he will find that greenhouse gases (water vapour and CO2 as the main gasses) maintain the Earth’s average temperature at approximately 30 Celsius degrees above the temperature if these gases were not present (i.e. present average about plus 15 C vs minus 15 C).
Research relating to the mechanism of the atmospheric greenhouse effect would be helpful.

After reaching an understanding of the greenhouse effect, solar radiation, infra-red radiation from the Earth and the infra-red spectral absorption of CO2 and water vapour, Mr Franz may be in a position where he can understand the effect that increasing CO2 levels (measured) have on global temperatures and consequent climate change.

Email, Feb 16
Col Hodgson, Mount Elliot