Statement regarding membership of a political party refuted

Letters to the editor

[Forum] Clarification of Coast Community News’ reporting standards is overdue.

I refer Mr Godfrey Franz’s letter to the editor in edition 229 and the false advice therein.

Mr Franz refers to my public notice printed in edition 226, that required Coast Community News to issue an apology to Member for Robertson, Lucy Wicks.
Compare this to the false advice submitted by Mr Franz.
I challenge Mr Franz to provide verified evidence I am a paid-up member of the Labor Party or pay for a retraction in this publication in the near future.

It is evident that Mr Franz is not interested in research when he referred to my environmental commitment.
Central Coast Council judged that I was worthy of the Australia Day Environmental Award in 2018.
The award states: “In recognition of your significant contribution to the environment in your local community”.
Over my 30 plus years of environment protection and environmental education, I participated in many more activities than picking up plastic and other rubbish.

Is the Coast Community Newspaper now applying different standards?
Why did the paper print a letter that failed to supply supporting evidence?
I am more than happy to swear on a statutory declaration that I am not a paid-up member of any political party.
Mr Franz is now accountable but will he deliver?
Does he have any comparable environment achievements?
This matter is not finished.

I am very interested in any evidence that Mr Franz will present to Coast Community News and the actions taken or not taken, thereafter.
I demand a retraction.

Letter, Feb 17
Norman Harris, Umina